2013 June


APBF Captains Log 14 June

Friday 14 June Overall, a good performance by the Australian teams.  When the round robin finished the Australian seniors’ team was still in front, despite pressure from Indonesia.  Congratulations!  The team won 16 of 22 matches with one draw.  The women’s team also played well to secure third place.  They had good wins over both Chinese Taipei and New Zealand.  The final match was very swingy, and at one stage 0.8VP separated third, fourth and fifth.  The open team continued […]

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2013 APBF Championships – Australia wins Seniors

Australia has won the seniors teams in the 2013 APBF championships in Hong Kong.

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APBF Captains Log 13 June

Thursday 13 June With only two matches to play in the open and women’s neither Australian team can win.  The open team won all three matches today and have moved up to sixth place; they may be able to improve further.  The women lost two matches and are fifth but have hopes of finishing third.  The seniors’ team put their run of losses behind them with two large wins.  They are again at the front but with three tough matches […]

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Australian Youth Bridge Bulletin (May-June 2013)

The May-June 2013 youth bulletin is available for viewing online

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APBF Captains Log 12 June

Wednesday 12 June A fair day only for the Australian teams.  The open team played the top three teams.  Japan won comfortably in the end after being behind with four boards to go as their captain asserted his presence at the table.  After a small loss to China Taipei the team playing well to defeat China by 9 IMPs.  After two tough days they now play against the five teams that finished below them in the first round robin so […]

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Brisbane ABC radio interview with Joan Butts and Rose Hoffman

Listen to Joan Butts and Rose Hoffman discussing all things bridge – the people, the game, bridge clubs, and our fascination for it, with Kelly Higgins-Devine on 612 ABC Brisbane.

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