2018 April


Nationwide Pairs – Change to calendar

As the Bridge for Brain Research Challenge runs from 1st May to 7th May inclusive, Nationwide Pairs has scheduled the 5th May to the 12th May. Sorry for the inconvenience. These are the new dates:   Nationwide Pairs Upcoming Events Date of Event Day 22-Apr-18 Sunday 12-May-18 Saturday 20-May-18 Sunday 2-Jun-18 Saturday 17-Jun-18 Sunday 7-Jul-18 Saturday 22-Jul-18 Sunday 4-Aug-18 Saturday 19-Aug-18 Sunday 1-Sep-18 Saturday

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2019 Summer Festival of Bridge – Hotel Bookings

Hotel bookings for the Summer Festival 2019 can now be made at the Rex Hotel at reduced rates

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Assistant Tournament Organiser, Summer Festival of Bridge

Expressions of interest for Assistant Tournament Organiser, Summer Festival

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22nd Asia Pacific Bridge Federation Open Youth Championships

Bogor, April 13-20
Website | Results | Team Reports

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2018 Yeh Bros Cup

The Yeh Bros Cup will be held in Beijing , July 1-5.

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What should I bid? (March 2018)

The winner of the of the What should I bid? voucher for March is Barbara Callan

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