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ABF Online Games on BBO

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ABF Nationwide Online Pairs

The ABF Nationwide Online Pairs games on Sundays allows people to play against competitors across Australia and earn red masterpoints.

The last session of the Nationwide Online Pairs will be held on May 29.

Sundays 2.30pm AEST

Open All ABF Registered Players
Restricted <300 Masterpoints as of December 31, 2021
Novice <100 Masterpoints as of December 31, 2021

The cost of a game is BB$3 or about A$5.

To play, both members of the partnership need to be active members of the ABF, have registered their BBO usernames with the ABF and be on BBO at the same time to enter.

They also must ensure that they are back on-line at the scheduled start time, otherwise the BBO system will automatically exclude the pair.

These events will appear as:

» Steps to registering your BBO username and entering
» Check if your BBO Username is registered
» Check your masterpoints online
» Results for all ABF Nationwide Online Pairs

Any enquiries regarding this event should be directed to nec@abf.com.au

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