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ABF Accreditation Program – Jennifer Kozman


It was her sister who convinced Jennifer Kozman to join her in learning to play bridge back in the 1980s. Her sister gave it up two years later, but Jennifer is still a regular player – and now an ABF Accredited Bridge Teacher.

“I took on the bridge teaching at the Goulburn Bridge Club, because as happened in those days (early 1990s), whoever was a fairly decent player and keen enough, took on the job.

“I enjoy the way someone who does not know what a trump is, can play bid and play a basic game of bridge a couple of months later. Also, with those players who have come back into bridge after a long period, you can have an interesting time trying to convert them to modern methods of bidding and play. It can really test your patience and teaching skills!

“I want to thank the Cootamundra Bridge Club for giving me the opportunity to complete my accreditation. It was only because of people eager to learn bridge and cub members keen to improve their bridge that gave me the confidence to pursue full accreditation. The bridge community here have been so welcoming and enthusiastic to me and my bridge lessons, that it would not have possible without their support.”