Anne Jackson

AnneJacksonAnne Jackson
Ballina Bridge Club

How did you discover bridge?
In the mid 1970s, a fellow worker talked three of us into trying the game. He would give us lessons every lunchtime.  We struggled to get four hands in at first, but it was fun and there were three of us in the same boat.  The three of us were so lucky to have such a teacher.

Why did you decide to become a bridge teacher?  
The teachers in the club had done a very good job for a long time.  They asked me to give a one off lesson.  I did and I enjoyed it.  I could see that I could help the club out by becoming a teacher.

What do you enjoy about playing/teaching bridge?
The challenge.  I am always learning something about the game and I love to improve.  In teaching bridge I hope to share the thrill of the game with others.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you?
I am a twin.  No, we do not look alike.  My twin does not even play cards.