Jan Ralph

Jan Ralph
Surfers Paradise Bridge Club

I was encouraged to learn bridge by the bridge players at my golf club. I began lessons five years ago when I retired at Surfers Paradise Bridge Club.

One of the members of the club who helped with my beginners’ lessons suggested I help with the new players. Two years ago I began helping with the advanced lessons and found that I enjoyed being an apprentice mentor to the new players. I took advantage of the TTP to give myself some legitimacy and the beginners some confidence.

I find new players are very appreciative of logical explanations and are extremely grateful for quiet, relaxed help. The new players at SPBC are all of mature age with a wealth of life experience. The attitude they appreciate most is respect. I respect them for their courage to learn new tricks and they respond very well to help and respect for their willingness to learn.

One thing not many people know about me is that I have sailed in many ocean yacht races – including the Sydney to Hobart yacht race and the Black Goat race in the Greek Islands which is supposedly the oldest sailing race in the world.