John Dunne

John Dunne
Redland Bridge Club

I have been a card player from as young as I can remember, playing euchre and many other games I learned from my mother. I discovered Bridge as a teenager in the 1960s when I came across it in a book and taught myself to play. I always enjoyed complex games and Bridge was perfect for me. I have been playing it one form or another ever since. 

I decided to become a Bridge teacher because I couldn’t find enough people to play. I was a professional instructor at the time (1979) and it seemed natural to run a course to teach my work colleagues. We soon had four tables playing every lunch time in an organisation with about 50 staff. 

Teaching Bridge is my hobby. I really enjoy seeing my students progress in their Bridge skills. This gives me more satisfaction than my own play. 

Most people don’t know that I create all my own software to help with my Bridge teaching. In 1983, I founded a software company which is still operating today, although I sold it a few years ago. Most Australians younger than 50 years old have used software from my company.