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It’s that time of year to start planning teacher training workshops for 2018. We are now taking Expressions of Interest from clubs looking to host an event.
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ABF Teacher Training Workshops

All ABF Teacher Training Workshops are free to attend and are open to all bridge teachers. However, teachers are encouraged to complete the Teacher Training Program (TTP) before attending Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Days.

To view all the details and register your attendance, click on the event and complete the online form. 

Teacher Training Program
(15 points)

This session aims to prepare prospective teachers for their first class and to assist experienced teachers with new ideas for their classes. Each Teacher Training Program offers a closer look at teaching methods and presentation and contains resources for beginners, help with play and card play courses.
Teaching ideas are developed through discussion and practical demonstrations. There are also marketing and promotions tips, and ongoing support offered from the ABF.


CPD 1 – Modern Competitive Bidding
(10 points)

Modern Competitive Bidding Methods. Examines the role of Opener, Responder, Intervener, and Advancer. Sometimes you bid a lot with a little, at other times a little with a lot.


CPD 2 – All About Defence
(10 points)

Learn more about defending, and how to present this area of the game to students.


CPD 3 – Two Over One Game Force
(10 points)

Two Over One Game Force is a bidding style that will refine parts of Standard. It doesn’t mean you change your whole system, you just make it better. It’s quite easy to teach, even to new players, and is less complicated than parts of Standard. Even if you don’t play it yourself (yet), the newest addition to the Continuing Professional Development Day program, will help you learn more about 2/1 which has become very popular around the world.


CPD 4 – Declarer Play
(10 points)


Teaching students the discipline of making a plan, the techniques for making extra tricks, and the order in which they will play their cards to consider entries is the scope of this day.


For more information email teaching@abf.com.au.