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Marketing Grant Program - 2015

At its July 2014 meeting the ABF Management Committee decided to fund another Marketing Special Projects Grant program -  for implementation during 2015.

The Committee released an initial amount of $20,000 for this purpose.

Guidelines have been developed to assist State / Territory Associations in either applying for a grant for their Region or alternatively to coordinate applications from individual, affiliated clubs within their Region. 

The objective of the program is to implement initiatives for 'restricted' level players.  However, if a worthy proposal is received that does not involve the restricted level it will be considered.

Proposals should aim to either:

  1. transition players from one level of play to another - eg supervised club play to rookie/super novice competitions;  or
  2. increase the number of events, particularly restricted events, for members of ABF affiliated clubs.

Restricted level players for the purpose of this grant program are those with up to 300 masterpoints.

Applications must be submitted to the ABF National Marketing Officer at marketing@abf.com.au in the specified format (see Section H of the Guidelines) by Friday 10 October 2014.

Schools bridge program - Victoria

The July issue of the Bairnsdale Advertiser includes a lengthy article about a schools bridge program in the East Gippsland region.

Initiated four years ago at the Bairnsdale West Primary School by Frank Power, a man who was passionate about bridge and its benefits, the program is going from strength to strength.

Hundreds of students are now being taught bridge, challenging them mathematically and developing their teamwork, across six schools in the area. 

This program continues to run because of the dedication and commitment of bridge players from local clubs.  It is a wonderful model for getting youth involved in our sport.

Sadly, Frank Power passed away on Friday 25 July.

ABF Teacher Accreditation Program

The final ABF Teacher Training Program for this year is scheduled for 25-26 October at the Queensland Contract Bridge Club in Brisbane.  These workshops cover the how to teach and are free for attendees.

Continuing Professional Development workshops (the what to teach) are now to be rolled out to assist teachers.

The schedule for some upcoming workshops is:

  • 21 September - Peninsula Bridge Club, Sydney
  • 11 October - Waverley Bridge Club, Melbourne
  • 12 October - Ballarat Bridge Club, Victoria
  • 23 November - Toowong Bridge Club, Brisbane.

These free workshops will focus on content and presentation methods for intermediate and advanced classes.

Attendance will attract 10 points towards ABF Teacher Accreditation.  Anyone may attend, but to accrue points a teacher must have completed an ABF Teacher Training Program.

Full details of the ABF Teacher Accreditation program can be accessed on the ABF website under Teaching and Learning.

Address any general enquiries to Joan Butts, the ABF National Teaching Coordinator, at teaching@abf.com.au  .