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ABF Convention Card Editor


All players are strongly recommended to now use the ABF Convention Card PDF Form available from the ABF Convention Card PDF page.

ABF Convention Card Editor Version

The ABF Convention Card Editor download comes courtesy of the Lee Edwards’ Convention Card Utility program.

Vista and Windows 7+ users should read the note below before commencing the installation.

It is recommended that you uninstall old versions of the program before installing the new version.

Application abfinstall.exe (1.9MB)


  • Click on the abfinstall.exe link above to begin a download of a self extracting program file.
  • Select a directory where you would like to store the installation download.
  • When downloaded, locate abfinstall.exe on your computer and double click on it to install the ABF Convention Card Editor. Vista and Windows 7+ users are advised to install into the the default location ( C:\ABF Convention Card Program ) or to select a directory to which they have write access. Installing the program into the default Program Files directory will result in problems saving and locating Convention Cards.
  • To run the ABF Convention Card Editor program, go to the Start menu, then Programs – ABF Convention Card Editor (ABFCard.exe) or run the program from the ABF Card ABF Convention Card Editor icon on the Desktop.


Vista and Windows 7+ Users

Vista and Windows 7+ users may experience problems when saving their cards so are advised to install the ABF Convention Card Editor directly into the C:\ drive, that is: C:\ABF Convention Card Program.

Also, because the Windows Help program is not shipped with Vista they will need to download and install WinHlp32.exe from the Microsoft Download Center. The link for this is:
Web Link http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917607


Sharing your card

The ABF System Card Editor creates two files with an extension of .0a2. e.g.


Note that the names of the files are identical apart from the underscore.

These files are located in the Austr2 sub-directory under the directory where the ABF System Card Editor software was installed on your computer. After locating the two files, it is recommended that you create a zip file containing the two files before emailing.


Printing Tip

To print the ABF Convention Card on a full A4 page, and avoid the need to trim the edges and have a little extra space for details, use these settings: ..

in Printing Options…

Print Width = 372
Print Height = 214
Front Left Margin = 6
Back Left Margin = 6

…and “Save Settings”.


Brown Stickers

If you are using Brown Sticker conventions you need two circles on your card, one for your basic system and a brown circle for the brown sticker conventions. You can do this by editing the .0a2 file.

Using a text editor, e.g. Notepad, replace this line:


with these two lines:


Thanks to Rex Livingston for these tips.