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Welcome to the ABF Teacher Accreditation Programme (ABF TAP), which aims to help prospective teachers develop the skills and knowledge they need to effectively teach bridge to their students.

To become an accredited teacher, you must complete a Teacher Training Programme (TTP) course and accrue 65 points.

Points can be earned by attending free ABF teacher training workshops, including the six Continuing Professional Development (CPD) days, completing online exams, and providing documentation from courses and supervised play sessions that you conduct at your club. Additional points may also be awarded in recognition of prior learning.

1. Visit the ABF Education Website

The ABF Education Website is a hub for all Teacher Training activities. This is where you will find course materials, a list of upcoming events, a record of ABF TAP participants points, and club, and teacher profiles.

2. Register for Accreditation

Your next step is to complete the online registration form. This ensures we can easily record your accreditation points and let you know about upcoming events. We strongly encourage you to use the same email address for all ABF Accreditation activity. If possible, this email should be unique to you and not shared with a partner to prevent confusion or missing points.

Register for Accreditation 

Points are not automatically recorded for any TTP or CPD Days you attended before registering as a TAP Participant. For these points to be applied, please email teaching@joanbuttsbridge.com and provide the dates and locations of the workshops you attended. 

3. Complete your TTP Requirement

To be eligible to earn Accreditation points, you must complete the Teacher Training Programme. These are held online via Zoom at various locations around Australia each year. 

You may attend and earn CPD Days without attending a TTP, however, you will not be awarded any accreditation points until the TTP has been completed. Once you have completed this requirement, points for CPD Days you have completed as a TAP participant will automatically be applied to your profile.

4. Attend ABF Teacher Training Online Workshops 

ABF National Teaching Coordinator Joan Butts and the Teacher Trainers offer a number of TTPs and CPD days each year throughout Australia. These workshops offer proven advice that, if followed, will give teachers the tools to deliver top-quality bridge lessons.

ABF TAP Participants can earn accreditation points by attending an ABF Teacher Training Workshop, or completing an online exam.

  • Teacher Training Programme (15 points)
  • Continuing Professional Development Day (10 points)
    • CPD 1: Competitive Bidding
    • CPD 2: Defence
    • CPD 3: Two Over One Game Force
    • CPD 4: Declarer Play
    • CPD 5: Slam Bidding
    • CPD 6: Help With Play

5. Check your Accreditation Points

You can check your teacher status and the number of accreditation points you have earned at any time on the ABF website on the Participant Points page.

View Accreditation Points

6. Stay In Touch

When you join the program you will be added to the ABF Teacher Update mailing list. Keep an eye out for the newsletter each month for teaching news, tips, and announcements. You can find past editions of the Teachers Update in the Stay in Touch section of this website.

If you have any questions or have photos, news or tips to share, please visit the ABF Education Facebook Page. This is your place to share club news and to contact other teachers, we’d love to hear from you!

7. Becoming Accredited 

Once you have gained 65 points, you and your bridge club will be sent a certificate of accreditation and letter from the ABF. You can then advertise yourself, or the club, as ABF Accredited. You will also be asked to provide a photo and complete a short online interview so your profile can be added to the ABF Website.

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