Dot Read

Dot Read
Geelong Bridge Club, VICDot Read

People who know me may be surprised to know that I wasn’t particularly keen on cards as a youngster. After one or two hands of 500 with my parents, I was always glad of the opportunity to escape. It wasn’t until I met my husband, Geoff, that I really started to enjoy a game of cards. We played 500, Canasta and Solo. However, once we started to learn bridge all other card games really did become boring.

I took on both bridge and golf around the same time; bridge for the mind and golf for the body. Both are addictive! My husband and I had been wanting to learn bridge for awhile but waited until the children were off our hands before taking the plunge.

My first experience of teaching cards was when I used to take secondary school students on camping trips to Central Australia and the Great Barrier Reef. I would always have a pack of cards with me in case anyone wanted a game of cards around the campfire at night.

I took up teaching bridge when the Warrnambool club asked me to give it a go. I had almost retired from school teaching and this was an opportunity to keep up my love of teaching.

I love teaching bridge because of the people. I feel I am in a very privileged position having the opportunity to meet so many lovely people. I feel a real bond is created between myself and the people I teach. They play a very important part in my life.

I have made some very good friends through bridge. My husband and I liked calling into bridge clubs whilst travelling north for the winter. We much preferred going along to the local bridge club for a game of bridge, rather than sitting in the caravan of an evening. 

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