Anne Small

Anne SmallAnne Small
Peninsula Bridge Club

I discovered bridge when I was lecturing in Valdez, Alaska. A couple of students gave me a disc “Grand Slam”, which I guess they thought must have had some connection to economics?!? I discovered that Grand Slam was a bridge game, so I borrowed some books from university library and was soon fascinated with the game.

Upon my third disastrous divorce in 1994, I returned to Sydney. One day, I passed Trumps at Mosman and went in to have a game. I soon realised that while you can get a lot from books, experience and good teachers/mentors are the key to a solid foundation in bridge.

I decided to become a bridge teacher on the suggestion of fellow players who were always asking for advice. I thought there should be a consistency amongst players who gave advice. I found some good teaching books which players could refer back to as reference. The ABF Accreditation Programme is fantastic as it shows how to teach small groups the STEAM principal, which is a great guide line.

I enjoy the constant challenge of teaching and playing bridge, not only because of the multiple combinations in the cards, but also the challenge of trying to understand your partner (particularly when they have changed the system, but forgot to mention it!) I love new systems and the constant enthusiasm and energy of beginners