Dot Piddington

Dot Piddington
Gold Coast Bridge Club

As a child, I always had a pack of cards and was pestering someone to play cards with me. But I had never heard of bridge until I saw an ad in a newspaper that read ‘Like playing cards? Then Bridge is the game for you!’ 

Fifteen years ago I walked into the Gold Coast Bridge Club, had my first lesson and I was hooked, even though it took me many months to understand what a ‘fit’ was! I enjoy the mental challenge and reading all players behaviours, psyche, and styles at the table. 

I got involved in teaching so as to encourage people to have fun and to learn this fascinating, yet frustrating game. I believe etiquette is the most important part of the game and that it needs to be taught and not just read in a book.

As a ‘late bloomer’ in bridge, I was also a ‘late bloomer’ going to University. Being a stay at home mum with 4 sons, when I was 50 years old I went to UNE in Armidale and got my Bachelor and Masters of Counselling, a lifelong dream. 

I am yet to achieve 70% in club sessions, yet as I am a ‘late bloomer’ guess that it is yet to come!