Jan Clyne

Jan Clyne
Bayside Bridge ClubJan Clyne

How did you discover Bridge? When did you first start playing?
After teaching solo to a number of friends in 1991, I was asked if I could fill in at Bridge, my friend handed me Jim Borin’s book and said you’ll be fine.  We played once a month at my place as I had a newborn. After a couple of years I thought there was probably more to this game and so went to Improver lessons at Borin’s.  It was Jim who was my mentor; he asked me if I would work for him supervising the beginners.  I guess that was the beginning of my love affair with Bridge   

Why did you decide to become a Bridge Teacher? 
Yvonne Millman invited me to teach at a community bridge club in Sandringham.  I enjoyed watching the beginners “light up” as they got it.  Many of those I taught in the early years still play at Bayside

What do you enjoy most about playing/teaching Bridge? 
I enjoy playing with a partner I’m in tune with is one of the most rewarding bridge experiences.  As is watching new players grow; their enjoyment evident as their knowledge and prowess develop. 

Tell us something most people don’t know about you?
Ah! That would be telling.

I did have a brief introduction to bridge when aged 18 I went on a cruise with a girlfriend.  Even though we won the bridge competition (it was a very small field!) and were encouraged to join a club, we both decided boys would be more fun.