Jenz Davidson

Jenz Davidson
Gympie Bridge Club

I’ve been playing bridge at the Gympie Bridge Club since 2015.  I did play for a couple of years back in the 1980s when I was living in New Zealand, and although some of the basics from that time stuck with me, it has been mostly a new learning curve.

A memorable incident from those years was when I was playing bridge one evening. I left my then 15 year old son in charge of his 13 year old twin brothers.  The club phone rang and I was told I was urgently required as there had been an accident at home.  Of course, before I could go home, I had to wait until someone was found to take my place at the bridge table.

Once home, I found my youngest twin had managed to slice his palm open with a very sharp knife –– holding the top of a plastic bread bag and attempting to slice the top off it –– why simply open the bag when you can practise your knife skills? He was standing at the sink, staring at his hand as blood continued to seep out.  All I had to do was close his hand up, so the wound wasn’t a gaping slash and it quickly stopped bleeding!  However, I did wrap it up and take him to the doctor the following morning.  All good. And all credit to the bridge club members for finding someone to take my place so quickly.

These days I’m retired and now I’m becoming a bit of a bridge tragic, trying to learn and play as much as my poor little brain will take in. 

I took over the writing of our club newsletter in August 2017 and in February the following year, I began helping our wonderful bridge teacher, Jennifer Hollingworth, when that year’s intake of learners started lessons.

I found I loved being a part of that learning environment and the thrill of helping someone learn the amazing game of bridge.  So with Jennifer’s help, advice and guidance, I then tackled Joan’s teaching program and I’ve now emerged with a teaching certificate. 
All I have to do now is put what I’ve learnt into practise at next year’s intake of learners, and with Jennifer there to guide me, I’m sure it will be a fun and valuable learning experience for myself and the learners.

I’d also like to thank Joan for being an inspiring and supportive bridge teacher.  I always return from a workshop fired up and ready to take on new ways of looking at conventions and playing the cards. So little time… so much to learn!