Judith Capps

Judith Capps 
Southern Highlands Club 

I had always found card games boring. I do not enjoy games of luck.  Twelve years ago I met a woman whilst walking my dog and we became good friends. She was a mother figure for me and as she had lost a daughter to cancer I became a daughter for her. After much coaxing, she convinced me to take up bridge.  I found I loved the game. I went to the local club for supervised bridge sessions. Although I had never had any basic lessons, somehow I picked up the game and have never looked back. 

After about 10 years I realised how unfortunate I was to have had no basic lessons so I decided to teach a group of beginners through U3A. I learnt a lot from my beginners’ lessons. 

Having been a primary school teacher, I found the return of teaching a joy. I know I have endless patience and the ability to explain things simply. Many of my students have now joined the local clubs.  I am not a very good player but I have the ability to teach. I hope to continue to encourage new players to join the bridge clubs. 

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