Kathy Duke

Kathy Duke
Parramatta Bridge Club, NSW

How did you discover Bridge? When did you first start playing?
I grew up in colonial Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and my parents played Bridge and regularly hosted Bridge parties. I loved cards so they taught me to play when I was 9 years old and it was always a treat when I was allowed to sit in for Mom while she finalised dinner. Sadly not many of my friends played, so after I left home I lost touch with the game for many years.

Why did you decide to become a Bridge Teacher? 
When my husband asked me to teach him to play Bridge I realised that the game had evolved significantly since my childhood. We took lessons together and I was very excited about the simplicity and logic in the game. We enjoy playing together and have made many good friends through Bridge, both at our club and on cruises. It saddens me that this game is seen as too hard, or only for old people. I want to help more people to love the game of Bridge and to discover their fit – whether that is playing social games, duplicate games or tournaments. There is something for everyone.

What do you enjoy most about playing/teaching Bridge? 
I get immense satisfaction helping new players gain confidence and grasp the basics of Bridge. I am not a Master of the game but I am a competent and confident player. Helping people get to a level where they can enjoy the game is my passion. I am also loving this journey of learning because no matter how much you know about Bridge and how long you have played, there is always more to learn.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you?
I am also passionate about animals and have been studying cat behaviour for 10 years. My dream life would be to spend more time playing bridge, going on cruises and rescuing cats.