Rebecca Knight

Rebecca Knight
Dalby Bridge Club

I was first introduced to bridge by my Mother just as I was starting my family. In about 2002 with three young sons and a very supportive husband I learned to play in Cootamundra and was immediately hooked on the game. After moving to Queensland in 2003, I joined the Dalby Bridge Club, which has allowed me to play regularly as well as travelling for Congresses. 
I decided to become a bridge teacher to ensure the future growth of our club and also to expand my knowledge of the game. I love sharing my passion for the game with everyone I meet.  I love everything about bridge, the bidding, the play, the discussions. I have met so many people and made very close friendships through playing this wonderful game.
Something that most people don’t know about me is that nearly four years ago I thought I would have to give up playing bridge due to severe anxiety. With the support of my family, friends and GP I now have this under control and am a new confident person.

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