Sue Pascoe

Sue Pascoe
Toronto Bridge Club, NSW

How did you discover Bridge? When did you first start playing?
Family fun playing 500 and observing the companionship of mum playing Bridge at home with her friends made the decision to start an easy one. An opportunity arose while I was working and living in a regional centre in Victoria and an invitation to join a group of other 20-30-year-olds ‘making their own fun’.

Why did you decide to become a Bridge Teacher?
I was inspired by the educational philosophy and teaching method presented in one of the first ABF teacher training sessions in Newcastle in 2014.

What do you enjoy most about playing/teaching Bridge?
Whether during the busyness of full-time work or the challenge of being the home parent, Bridge always offered a refreshingly different intellectual and social engagement.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you?
I am interested in recent technological developments which can assist ageing Bridge players who have become sight impaired and are restricted from playing in their usual club and social settings.