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ABF Q&A Discussion Forum

The ABF launched the Teachers’ Q&A Discussion Forum on 1 July 2015.   This communication channel enables bridge teachers to seek advice on bidding/play or defence from expert teachers and players.  Panel members include Joan Butts (Queensland), Peter Smith (Western Australia), Hugh Grosvenor (Tasmania), Will Jenner-O’Shea (New South Wales), Ron Klinger (New South Wales), Paul Lavings (New South Wales) and Phil Gue (South Australia).


To access the Teachers Forum click Forum (on the top bar in red) on the ABF homepage.  Go to “log in”, select a Username (don’t have spaces in this, eg ‘marysmith’ rather than ‘mary smith’).  Type in your email address and your ID (this is your ABF number).  Once you’re registered, type in your Username and Password (ABF nunbers are not needed at login, only when first registering).


Click Forum and it will take you to a page where you will see some example topics.  Click on one to view.  Once inside the topic, you can comment generally or reply to someone.


Give it a go!