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Honorary Teaching Fellows

The ABF Teachers’ Accreditation Program (TAP) was launched in 2011 and continues to be very successful at bringing in new teachers and developing skills of both new and established teachers.

The ABF has recognised a number of outstanding teachers who have a long and successful teaching history. These experienced teachers are highly skilled, generally with a distinguished record in high-level play, having won national titles and/or represented Australia internationally, and may also have strong coaching skills. They and will certainly possess the necessary interpersonal and communication skills to teach bridge at all levels.

 We have given one-off recognition to a small number of these very experienced professionals.  This program, acknowledging the contribution of “ABF Honorary Teaching Fellows” is separate from, but in addition to, the current ABF Accreditation program.

The ABF has recognised the following new Honorary Teaching Fellows:

  • David Beauchamp
  • Derrick Browne
  • Joan Butts
  • Jonathan Free
  • Jeff Fust
  • Hugh Grosvenor
  • Phil Gue
  • Andy Hung
  • Bill Jacobs
  • Ron Klinger
  • David Lusk
  • Paul Marston
  • Andrew Mill
  • John Newman
  • John Roberts
  • Peter Smith
  • Barbara Travis
  • Therese Tully
  • Fiske Warren
  • Tony Jackman 
  • Will Jenner O’Shea
  • Matt Mullamphy 
  • Nigel Rosendorff 



February 2017