Professional Development Activities

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Professional Development Activities

ABF Honorary Teaching Fellows and ABF Accredited Teachers are eligible to apply, through their state or territory, for ABF (and state/territory) financial assistance to run Professional Development (PD) Activities for bridge teachers. These events may also be considered for inclusion in the ABF Teacher Accreditation Program. This means accreditation points would be awarded to teachers who attend eligible professional development activities. 

ABF Honorary Teaching Fellows and ABF Accredited Teacher can seek approval to receive: 

  • Up to 100% of the travel costs of getting to the venue(s) including public transport (eg airfares, bus or train travel where applicable) or the use of a personal vehicle at 30 cents per kilometre.
  • Hotel accommodation – the claim can only relate to the actual nights required to deliver the professional development activity and not nights relating to the private teaching of students.
  • A meals and incidentals allowance of $55 a day – again the claim can only relate to the number of days required to deliver the professional development activity. 

To apply for ABF funding, the State/Territory organisation will have to review the proposed PD Activity and submit an application to the ABF.  

A Funding Application for PD Activity must include:

  • The State/Territory Organisation
  • Name and position of the person authorised to make the submission on behalf of the State/Territory (eg President, Secretary, Treasurer)
  • Name of ABF Honorary Teaching Fellow or ABF Accredited Teacher delivering the PD Activity.
  • Location of the proposed PD Activity
  • Dates of PD Activity
  • Proposed PD Topic(s)
  • Details of private teaching activities being conducted adjacent to the PD Activity
  • Dates of private teaching activity
  • Travel and accommodation costs to reach the location(s) – please specify transport mode and include any GST
  • Meals and incidental expenses allowances claimed
  • Total subsidy amount requested from ABF
  • State/ Territory financial contribution (if any)

States or Territories should aim to give a  minimum of 4 weeks notice of when a course is being run when submitting applications. 

Submit a PD Activity

Applications can also be sent to