Tips for using Zoom for online workshops

To participate in a Zoom meeting or online training workshop you will need: 
A computer, tablet or smartphone connected to:

  • the internet 
  • a webcam (or inbuilt camera)
  • a microphone and speakers, or headphones with these features

The majority of newer laptops, tablets, iPads and smartphones have a camera, microphone and speakers built into the device. If you are using a PC, you may need a separate webcam, speakers and microphone.

You do not have to download the Zoom app or program to participate in a meeting, however using the app or program can provide you with a steadier, more reliable connection. It will also allow you to test your video and audio settings before you join the meeting. Unless you plan on hosting your own meetings or events for large groups, you will not need a paid account.

Please make sure you are joining the meeting from a quiet location that has plenty of light so we can see your face. Remember you will be on camera, so you may want to brush your hair and think about what may be visible in the background… 

Find out how to use Zoom

Once you have registered for the event, you will receive a link for the meeting. At the appropriate time, click on the link to join the meeting. You may be prompted to open the app or program if you have installed it on your device.

You may also be prompted to enter the Meeting ID and/or Password to be able to access the event. This information will be included in your email. If you have never used Zoom before, I encourage you to download the app and have a play with it this weekend. It is a great tool to connect with friends or family.