Teacher Training Program

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Teacher Training Program

This session aims to prepare prospective teachers for their first class and to assist experienced teachers with new ideas for their classes. Each Teacher Training Program offers a closer look at teaching methods and presentation and contains resources for beginners, help with play and card play courses.  Teaching ideas are developed through discussion and practical demonstrations. There are also marketing and promotions tips, and ongoing support offered from the ABF.

Completion of the Teacher Training Program is worth 15 accreditation points. You must complete a TTP in order to begin to accrue points towards Accreditation.
Visit the Teacher Training page, to see upcoming TTP workshops in your state. 

Course Materials 

To prepare for an upcoming Teacher Training Program, you should download the TTP Teachers Manual and watch the program video. 

Download the TTP Teachers Manual

Teacher Training Program Online Exam 

The Teacher Training Program Online Exam has been developed so it can be completed by Accreditation Program participants who cannot attend the workshops.
The online exam consists of watching a video then completing a series of questions. It should be completed in one sitting.

Completion of the Online Exam is worth 5 points.



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