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Grand National Open Teams

The Grand National Open Teams is an Australia wide event to select the 64 teams which attend the National Final, a 4-day event at the end of November.

The GNOT Final is conducted in Tweed Heads by the ABF. It comprises 140 boards of qualifying over 2 days in a knockout plus Swiss repechage format, a 2-stanza 20-board repechage final, 4-stanza 48-board semi-finals, 4 stanza 64 board final.
In addition, as a supplement to the GNOT, there is a 1-day event, the GNOT Pairs Championship with medallions for winners in the Rural, Provincial and Metropolitan classifications, that comprises 2 sessions of Swiss Pairs for all GNOT participants.
Entry fee is $750 per team paid by the Region plus $10 per team participating in the qualifying. A subsidy from the ABF is given to each team (4) to ensure participation is not too onerous. Gold points are awarded for Club, Regional and National Finals. PQP’s are awarded in the National Final.