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PQP Notices

10/2015 All PQPs won in open events may be used towards qualification for the women’s or seniors’ playoffs by players who are eligible and are members of the Women’s or Seniors’ Panels.  The previous requirements that players have won at least 48 open PQPs or have at least one Women’s or Seniors’ PQP no longer applies.  Players with Open PQPs who meet the age requirement may request addition to the Seniors’ Panel and transfer of their Open Points.  Similarly, Women with Open PQPs may request addition to the Women’s Panel and transfer of their Open Points.  Please email the PQP Compiler at pqp@abf.com.au if you wish your points to be transferred and are not already on the Seniors and/or the Women’s panel.
01/2014 Starting in 2014, the Autumn National Open Swiss Pairs has been added to the list of PQP events.
02/2013 Provided that you have 48 or more Open PQPs, your Open PQPs are now transferrable to the Seniors & Women’s registers even if you do not play in Seniors or Women’s events. If your Open points have not been transferred and you wish to appear on the Seniors and/or Women’s registers please notify the compiler by email, pqp@abf.com.au
11/2012 The ABF Management Committee has decided that Kieran Dyke is entitled to the PQPS from the 2012 Playoff despite his becoming unfinancial during the event.
02/2012 Players will need at least one PQP to enter the 2013 Playoffs regardless of whether they enter division one or division two.
02/2012 In 2012 the PQPs from the GNOT will NOT count towards the Open Playoff to decide the 2013 Australian Open Team. They will count towards the Open Playoff to decide the 2014 Open Team. Thus the GNOT beomes the first event in the 2013 PQP calendar.
11/2011 The Tournament Committee has decided that the panels for the Open, Womens’ & Senior’s Playoffs in 2012 will only apply to Division One entrants. These panels will include every player who has received PQPs during 2011. Division Two entrants do not need any PQPs.
11/2011 The Management Committee has decided that players who were too young to enter some or all 2011 ABF events offering Seniors PQPs but are old enough to enter the 2012 Seniors playoff will be entitled to transfer their Open PQPs to Seniors PQPs provided that they have 24 or more Open Points. This affects players who turn 59 during calendar 2011.
04/2011 The Tournament Regulations published in January 2011 changed clause 26.4 to mean that a unit (either a pair or a team) remained eligible for PQPs as long as there was one eligible player, thus removing the difference between pairs & teams. This change did not come to the attention of the PQP Compiler until after the PQP awards for the GOld Coast Teams were published. The effect of this is that both the Noble and Hans teams are now eligible for PQP awards. A revised display of awards has now been published
01/2011 The Tournament Committee has decided that the Last Train events should be the last event in the PQP calendar rather than the first as is now the case. The Last Train event in 2012 will be an event leading to the 2012 Playoffs. Consequently there will be two Last Train events in the 2012 PQP Calendar. I have dubbed the second of these events the Very Last Train
12/2010 The Regulation for the Open Playoff provide for a minimum panel size of 64. With nine players equal on 64th place with 18 PQPs the Open panel has 72 members.
09/2010 The ABF has decided that Gulzar Bilal has met the residential qualifications and is eligible to accrue PQPs.
02/2010 Barry Noble advised the organisers that Mischa Solar was a substitute not a team member so her name does not appear in the results published in the PQP area despite it showing in the results area.
11/2009 Corrections to the 2009 NOT PQPs – David Morgan is now considered to be eligible.Corrections to 2009 Womens Butler PQPs – the PQPs for the tie for 4th/ 5th place now correct.
01/2009 New PQP Board Rules for the 2009 NOT were set by the Tournament Committee: The board rule for PQP in the 2009 NOT is one stanza in the round-of-20 and 2 stanzas in each of the combined round-of-12/round-of-6, semi-final & final. Different board rules apply to eligibility for the title, continuation or masterpoints.
11/2008 New PQP Award scales were set by the Tournament Committee: Awards for the Australian Butler Pairs Championships are for 1st to 9th; Awards for the Swiss qualifying events for the NOT, NWT and NST are for 1st and 2nd (or 1st at each venue for a split field), see the PQP Award Table.
11/2008 In the 2009 National Open Teams, should there be no ineligible teams in places 1 to 7, then the eligible teams eliminated in the round of sixteen shall share the PQPs for eighth place.
11/2008 The Last Train events are to receive PQP Awards regardless of whether they qualify units for the Playoff or not. They will be the first event in the PQP calendar thus counting towards entry into the Playoff held in the following calendar year.Last Train events in even years qualify units to the Playoff in that even year. Last Train events in odd years do not qualify units to the Playoff in that odd year.
11/2008 In the 2009 National Open Teams and in the finals of the National Womens & Seniors Teams, should there be fewer eligible teams than there are PQP Awards, the PQP Award for the lower PQP places not filled by eligible teams shall not be awarded.PQP Awards are not awarded to teams in the SWPT that did not qualify for the NOT.
5/2008 Before being able to transport PQPs earned in Open events to the Womens or Seniors lists, a player must earn 6 PQPs in Womens events (to have the Open points included in the Womens list) or a player must earn 12 PQPs in Seniors events (to have the Open points included in the Seniors list).
5/2008 For events at the Summer Festival, the PQP Awards for the Swiss and the Finals of the Open, Womens & Seniors events are independent.
5/2008 For the calculation of PQP Awards, the eligible units are ranked 1st, 2nd, … up to the number of PQP Awards for the event.When units tie for a PQP place in an event, the PQP awards for this place and the next lower place or places (if any) are summed and divided by the number of tied units. In doing so, PQP Awards are calculated to one decimal place.
5/2008 Playoff Qualifying Points are awarded only to eligible units.To be an eligible unit at least one of the players in a Pair or two of the players in a Team must be financial members of the ABF Masterpoint Scheme and must have met the board rule as stated in the ABF Tournament Regulations.
The players in each eligible unit in an event are designated by a lower case letter in the PQP awards page for each event.