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ABF Forum for Teachers

On July 1, the ABF forum will be launched, in the Teachers section of the ABF site. You will be able to ask questions, make comments, and hear from expert teachers and players, including Peter Smith (WA), Hugh Grovesnor (Tas), Ron Klinger (NSW),  Will Jenner-O'Shea (NSW), Paul Lavings (NSW),  Phil Gue (SA) and me. The idea is that each month one of the above will moderate the forum, and start a new topic, and answer your questions.  

Here are instructions for you:  Go to the ABF site, and click on "Forum" (on the top bar, in red). Select a Username (Don't have spaces, eg "marysmith").  Type in your email address, and your ID (your ABF number). Once you're registered, type in your Username and Password (ABF numbers are not needed at login, only when first registering). Click "Forum" and it will take you to a page, where you will see some example topics. Click on one to view. Once inside the topic, you can comment generally or reply to someone.

Continuing Professional Development Days

I'm running five more of these six-hour FREE Professional Development Days (the what to teach) at the following locations: (1) Perth (WA) on 21 June (at the City of Melville Club),  (2) Melbourne (Vic) on 26 July (at the VBA), (3) Woy Woy (NSW) on 30 August,  (at Brisbane Water BC) (4) Townsville on 6 September (at Townsville BC) (5) Adelaide (SA) on 13 September (at SABA).

You will accrue 10 points towards Accreditation after completion of the CPD Day. There is a video on the ABF website (Modern Methods)http://www.abf.com.au/education/abf-accreditation-program/ which covers the topics of the CPD Day. If you can't attend in person, you will gain 5 points for watching the video and completing and returning the questionanaire to Alana Mowbray at alanamowb@hotmail.com 

Details of the free ABF Education programmes can be obtained from your State Association or from Joan Butts at teaching@abf.com.au or on 0413 772 650. Information about the program can be accessed here http://www.abf.com.au/education/teacher-training-workshops-schedule/

The most recent world-wide trend in bidding has been the two-over-one game force (2/1) approach. If you’re interested, come to the VBA 131 Poath Rd, Murrumbeena on Saturday 25 July, 10.00 – 2.30.  I will be  giving two workshops. This is NOT a totally new system. It simply improves certain parts of standard systems, and it’s easy to learn. It will make your strong hand bidding more defined and clearer.


Workshop 1 Introduction to 2/1 Game Force & 1NT Forcing  Workshop 2 Opener’s Rebid  & Game or Slam  

For further information and to book in, contact the VBA, or me.

There will be deal records for teachers to use with their classes, notes, and a copy of the book for sale.  

How low can you go?

Last issue I mentioned overcalls and the fact that players are coming into the auction with fewer and fewer points these days, at the one-level. Here's a sad story from the US trials for the Bermuda Bowl. It was the final, between two young teams, and Justin Lall (West, EW vul) heard South open1♥. He decided to overcall 1♠ on:  ♠ K8642 ♥ J10 ♦ AJ2 ♣ 1082. The next two players passed, and South reopened with a double. This was left in by North, and the contract became 1♠X’ed. Here’s the whole hand:

                                         ♠ AJ1075
                                         ♥ Q
                                         ♦ K863
                                         ♣ 764
             ♠ K8642                                        ♠ 93
             ♥ J10                                             ♥ K6543
             ♦ AJ2                                            ♦ 74
             ♣ 1082                                          ♣ AQ53
                                         ♠ Q
                                         ♥ A9872
                                         ♦ Q1095
                                         ♣ KJ9
On the ♥Q lead, and heart continuations, North was able to make all their trumps, and with the ♣ KJ9 sitting over the ♣AQ, there were two more losers there. Finally, a diamond loser too meant that 1♠ X'ed was minus 3 (-800). Ouch.

There was discussion among the players watching (on BBO – thousands of them) as to whether this was a good time to overcall. In the other room, the young player sitting in Justin's seat passed, and avoided duplicating the bad result. They decided it was NOT a good move (obvious on this hand!)  Although the vulnerability was wrong, and there was not much suit quality, Justin said in an interview later, that he would do the same again. It's his style to overcall light at the one level.  What do you think?  Cheers Joan