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Teachers' Get Together at Gold Coast Congress

Are you playing the Gold Coast Congress this year? If so, Therese Tully and I invite you to enjoy us for some of that special Gold Coast hospitality, on Tuesday 23rd February after the bridge is finished, (about 5.00pm).

Let your hair down, catch up with some other teachers, enjoy drinks, food, and a panel discussion at Air on Broadbeach, (building with yellow stripe, end of mall, opposite the Surf Club) 159 Old Burleigh Road. Buzz 3204 followed by the key symbol. If there's any particular bridge or teaching topic you'd like covered, please let me know. RSVP to teaching @abf.com.au.

Ethics & Etiquette. Who should Present this?

At our meeting in Canberra, Cath Whiddon (pictured here with Sandra Mulcahy and me) highlighted the sensitive issue of Ethics and Etiqutte at the bridge table. As teachers, we should introduce some "rules" to our students, but the question is "how soon?" How much can students absorb? 

A number of expert teacher agreed that while it's essential to educate new players about bridge manners, your students may not be ready to absorb it too soon.  Later is probably better, maybe in Help with Play sessions, and particularly when they want to join the "big" group. 

Sandra Mulcahy, ABF Marketing Officer, tells us, from her latest survey in January 2016, that bad behaviour is  still the biggest turn-off for new players, quickly ruining all our best efforts to teach them. Oh dear...that's the last thing we need...

Sandra says: "A main challenge is poor behaviour at bridge sessions.  If the ABF could influence the development/training of directors to have more of an understanding that they perform a critical role in retaining people then that would be good. To grow a club it is essential to have friendly, effective teachers and directors."

So, teachers, this is one area where you can make a big difference.  There's plenty of information available for you to download on the ABF website, and even videos to view on Larry Cohen's site.

March - May Teacher Training Programmes.

Gunnedah: Saturday March 5 (Organiser: Dianne Hasler diannehasler@bigpond.com)

Brisbane Water:Sunday March 13 (Organiser: Sylvia Foster silvijafoster@yahoo.com.au)

Orange: Saturday May 7 (Organiser: Dorothy Woodside dwoodsid@bigpond.net.au) 

NB: TTP's are now ONE DAY ONLY, not a whole weekend as before. You'll gain 15 points towards accreditation. IF you are able to stay for a second day, it will be a Continuing Professional Development Day (worth another 10 points).  All FREE.

Coming soon: A TTP video, for people who can't attend in person, and a questionnaire to complete, for five points towards accreditation. 

ABF Continuing Professional Development Days

Kiama: Sunday February 14 (Organiser: Ann Blue annblue50@hotmail.com)

Gunnedah: Sunday March 6 (Organiser: Di Hasler diannehasler@bigpond.com)

Geelong (Vic): Sunday March 20 (Organiser: dotgeoffread@gmail.com)

Orange: Sunday March 8 (Organiser: Dorothy Woodside dwoodsid@bigpond.net.au)

ERBA (Vic): Wednesday June 15 (Organiser: lrobinson01@bigpond.com)

CPD Days offer 10 points towards Accreditation. I'm trialling a new CPD Day in 2016 (for teaching Defence, Competitive Bidding and Conventions). So now you have a choice of either Modern  Bidding, or the above. Check with the local organiser which it will be. 

NB: There is a video on Modern Bidding on the ABF website, and a questionnaire for those who are unable to attend in person. (See Education, Accreditation). Send the questionnaire in for 5 points. 

Further ABF Support for Teaching

Alli Stralow, ABF Secretary, Hugh Grovesnor (TBA Teacher and international player), with me at the SFOB.  

It was agreed at the last ABF Management meeting, (based on further research on the strategic plan), that the area of teaching is high priotiry and will receive additional funding. This is wonderful news for teachers, and I would like to hear from anyone who is interested in working with me to implement and administer our ABF Education Programme. 

Please send your details and background experience to me at teaching @abf.com.au