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The ABF has entered into a sponsorship arrangement with Escapes Direct, a provider of hand-picked luxury domestic and international travel deals at exclusive members only rates!   The arrangement commences on 1 May 2014. 

Information about this organisation will be provided on the ABF website from 30 April and in the ABF Newsletter (May/June issue). In addition, a representative from Escapes Direct will be attending the following events where you and/or your representatives can view and discuss what is on offer:

  • the ABF Annual General Meeting on 25 May;  and
  • the ANC in Sydney on 13 July.

This arrangement provides members of your affiliated clubs with another opportunity to make savings simply because they joined up!  

Taking into account any due diligence issues in regard to existing State/Territory sponsorship arrangements, this is another membership benefit which should be promoted via your State/Territory website and Newsletter.  

By now, all States / Territories should have a membership benefits section on their homepage as this creates a good 'buzz' amongst existing members and demonstrates to potential members the sort of organisation they would be joining should they 'sign up'.

If you would like the Escapes Direct logo for this purpose, simply email a request to me at marketing@abf.com.au and I will send it to you.

Remember - happy members will sell our sport for us!  Let them know about all the great benefits available to them.

Also, please support those who support our sport.


Arrangements for the ABF National Marketing Workshop being held  in Sydney on 14-15 June are under way and, for your information, the attendees from the States/Territories will be:

  1. Sandy Sutton-Mattocks (Western Australia)
  2. Tim O'Loughlin (South Australia)
  3. Terri Kaye (Victoria)
  4. Anne Paton (Tasmania)
  5. Stephen Fischer (ACT)
  6. Sheila Bird (ACT)
  7. John McIlrath (New South Wales)
  8. Kim Ellaway (Queensland).

The objectives of the workshop are to develop a National Marketing Plan for the ABF and to develop an effective National marketing network for the benefit of bridge in Australia.