ABF Marketing
“It is never too early or too late to start playing bridge. Everyone finds their own level. Our competitions often include novice, intermediate and advanced, however, we are still in the same room. The age range can be 15-80. Everyone has the chance to play against champions at the game. What other sport offers this?”

Allison Stralow, President, Australian Bridge Federation


Marketing Mission

ABF Marketing’s mission is to raise the level of interest, participation and enjoyment of the game of Bridge to people of all ages, gender, physical condition, cultures and abilities


The Goals of ABF Marketing include:

  1. Grow the number of people learning bridge, joining clubs and becoming ABF members
  2. Increase the frequency of members playing in clubs and at congresses
  3. Provide safe social spaces for everyone, and particularly women who make up 70% of our members, with a warm environment for social connections and friendships
  4. Enable anyone to play social or competitive bridge anytime, anywhere, on anydevice with anybody in the world
  5. Improve the Brand value of “Bridge and the ABF” to the community, bridge clubs, affiliated state bodies and bridge players