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    • If you have forgotten your ABF number look up your name on the ABF Masterpoint Centre Website.

    • To get a new ABF number you must be a member of a club affiliated with your State or Territory Association. Contact your local club which you can find on the Find a Club page.

    • To reactivate an existing ABF number contact your Home club.

    • Overseas players wishing to play in an Australian event should contact the organiser of the event who will liaise with ABF Masterpoint Centre to issue an ABF number as a member of a Foreign Players club,

    • If your question is about a State matter, consider contacting your State or Territory Association: State and Territory Association Websites

    • Questions relating to entries should be directed to the organiser of the event: MyABF - Congresses

    • For System Card queries go to ABF System Card Queries

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