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Insurance Policies

Travel Insurance for International Representatives of the ABF

This Insurance only covers ABF Officials and ABF International Representative Players selected and ratified by the ABF, and accompanying Spouses/Partners and Dependent Children. It does not cover state, territory or club office bearers, or other teams or players travelling overseas. Players and officials should check the Policy terms to ensure that the cover is adequate for their needs and, if not, organise their own cover

PDF File ABF Corporate Passport Travel Insurance Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Wording 

PDF File ABF Corporate Passport Travel Schedule of Insurance

PDF File Notes on definition of accompanying Spouses/Partners

Workers Compensation Insurance

The document below is a letter from the President of the ABF about the Workers Compensation Insurance requirements for all clubs who have paid employees.

PDF File Letter to States – Workers Compensation Insurance (September 10, 2013)

The ABF has taken out three insurances on behalf of all affiliates:

1. Management Liability Insurance

The Management Liability Insurance Policy has now been extended to cover The Australian Bridge Directors Association and members, and Bridge Directors who are members of clubs affiliated with the Australian Bridge Federation Inc.

PDF File ABF Management Liability Certificate 2016 – 2017 (November, 2016)

PDF File Management Liability Insurance Policy Document (October, 2015)

2. Public Liability Insurance

A Public Liability policy has been issued in the name of the ABF, Associated State Bodies & Registered & Affiliated Clubs. The purpose of the policy is to provide insurance cover in the event that personal injury or property damage occurs as a result of the ABF, etc. negligent actions.

In the event of a club being disaffiliated by its State body, the ABF’s Public Liability insurance will continue to cover that club for a period of 30 days. The period, of 30 days, commences from the date at which the club was advised of the disaffiliation – ie the date on the letter sent to the club. After this period the ABF’s policy will no longer be in force.

There is a perception with the Public Liability Insurance that the policy covers members for injuries sustained at their clubs. This is not strictly the case. The policy provides cover for claims made against the Clubs for injury to anyone (including members) that may occur as a result of a negligent act or as a result of a failure to act which causes the injury. For example if someone just falls over of their own volition, there would be no liability attaching to the club and no compensation payable as a result of negligent actions of any of the above bodies.

PDF File Press Release (May 1, 2010 – updated May 19, 2010)

Below is a downloadable copy of the Certificate of Currency for the Public Liability policy.

The Public Liability Insurance has been extended to cover The Australian Bridge Directors Association and members, and Bridge Directors who are members of clubs affiliated with the Australian Bridge Federation Inc.

PDF File Public Liability Certificate of Currency 2018

The documents below detail the reporting process for making a Public Liability Insurance claim and the incident report.

PDF File ABF Public Liability Insurance Claims Reporting Process

ABF Public Liability Insurance Claims Incident Report:-
PDF File PDF Version
Document File MS Word version

3. Voluntary Workers Insurance

The ABF has entered into an agreement with TBIB to purchase Voluntary Workers Insurance for all State associations and bridge clubs. Insured persons will include all voluntary workers, directors, committee members and auxiliary members of the Insured.

PDF File Voluntary Workers Certificate Of Currency 2017

Document File Voluntary Workers Draft Letter of Cancellation