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Women in Bridge

Women In Bridge

The three important objectives of the World Bridge Federation’s Women in Bridge forum are to:

  1. Help the women players who wish to compete in a National and International championships, giving them the opportunity to train, playing with their partners against players from all over the world.
  2. Provide a social event with a good atmosphere;  and
  3. Promote in general “Women’s Bridge”.

Further details about Women in Bridge can be accessed at www.wbfwomensbridgeclub.org or through Dianne Marler as Zone 7 representative to the WBF on the Women in Bridge Committee at womeninbridge@abf.com.au.

The 2014 Spring Women’s Online Bridge Festival
Organised by the World Bridge Federation and
Bridge Base Online
7 – 13 April 2014

An online week of bridge, just for women players. Pairs and individual tournaments throughout the week and introducing for the first time Robot Duplicate MPs Individual tournaments, played at different times to allow competitors in any time zone to join in.


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