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Getting Started

What is Bridge?

Bridge is the most popular card game in the world played by millions including Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Martina Navratilova, Omar Sharif and even James Bond.  Bridge provides an excellent mechanism to improve: logical thinking skills, mathematical ability, memory, teamwork, social skills, concentration, critical thinking ability, communication skills, problem-solving ability; inferential reasoning and is all inclusive.

The Benefits of Bridge

Bridge is a highly social game providing opportunities to make new friends and build lasting relationships.  It is a game for all ages that is proven to improve mental health due to the need for problem solving, memory and concentration.  Whether you are looking for an intellectual challenge or to just have some fun, bridge offers it all

How is bridge played?

For an introduction to how bridge is played please check out our How to play page.

Lessons and Teachers

It is recommended that you attend a beginners’ course either at your local club or online. These normally run for 4-6 weeks. Find the club located nearest to you on our ‘Find a Club‘ feature or find a teacher in our list of ABF Teachers on the ABF Teachers page.

Online Lessons and Other Education Resources

Check out our Education Resources page for online lessons and resources.

New ABF Members Kit

Download the PDF File ABF New Members’ Information Kit supplied by the ABF to new registered players.


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