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The ABF Teacher Accreditation Program

Welcome to the ABF Teacher Accreditation Programme, which aims to help prospective teachers develop the skills and knowledge they need to effectively teach bridge to their students.

To become an accredited teacher, you must complete a Teacher Training Programme (TTP) course and accrue 65 points.

Points can be earned by attending free ABF teacher training workshops, including the six Continuing Professional Development (CPD) days, completing online exams.

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Teacher Training WorkshopsSummer Festival of Bridge talk

ABF National Teaching Coordinator Joan Butts offers a number of TTP’s and CPD days each year online via Zoom. These workshops offer proven advice that, if followed, will give teachers the tools to deliver top-quality bridge lessons. 

Each TTP and CPD day offers a closer look at teaching methods and contains resources for beginner, help with play, and card play courses. Teaching ideas are developed through discussion and practical demonstrations. There are also marketing and promotional tips offered by the ABF.

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Monthly Teacher Update

Click here to read through our July 2022 teacher update.

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Learn & Teach

Our Teacher Resources are designed to assist with your lessons. ABF National Teaching Coordinator Joan Butts has developed a Teacher Portal that is designed to give bridge teachers the materials they need to conduct structured, well-planned bridge lessons that help students easily learn to play bridge.

The Learn page contains an index of resources available for Novice and Improving players as well as tips for their teachers. You can also find educational videos that will walk you through bidding and card play. The Improvers Teaching Tips feature topic notes and lesson tips that were initially part of the successful ABF Summer School.

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