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My ABF Resources


My ABF is a system being developed by the ABF to assist the entire Australian bridge community.

It was first launched in December 2020 and has continued to expand since then. The system offers benefits to many groups within the bridge community.

See the separate pages for each group to find more information, help material (guides and videos) and notes describing the latest changes.



  • A personal account
  • Personalised dashboard with shortcuts to your account, your entries and your masterpoints
  • Maintain a “bridge credits” account with the ABF to make paying for your bridge much easier
  • Online entry and payment facilities for tournaments and club sessions (if offered by the club)
  • Forum discussions
  • Maintain a “bridge credits” account with the ABF to make paying for your bridge much easier
  • View personalised results for your club sessions (where the club publishes them)



  • List tournaments or lessons and accept & manage online entries/payments for them
  • Offer the ability for players to pay for club sessions with online payment
  • Manage your club details
  • Manage your membership list
  • Send customised email communications to your members
  • Publish club duplicate results for your members
  • Manage administration access for these functions



  • List tournaments (can be club congresses or weekly club events right through to large National events)
  • Build a custom webpage listing within My ABF for your congresses
  • Accept and manage entries
  • Accept payments (online and offline)
  • Easily reconcile your income/expenses and streamline the whole process



My ABF is continuously being improved and will no doubt evolve further over time – but the main areas still to come are:

  • More comprehensive member management for clubs
  • Incorporate the ABF masterpoint centre functions
  • Offer a scoring solution for club duplicates and tournaments


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