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System Cards

It is a requirement at all ABF events to have a fully completed ABF Convention Card for each of your opponents at the table.

How to fill in your ABF Convention Card

Macintosh Users
See PDF Form

Go to the ABF Convention Card PDF page and download the ABF Convention Card PDF Form and Usage Guide.


  1. Print a blank 2015 ABF STANDARD Convention Card and fill it in by hand
  2. Print a blank 2015 ABF SIMPLE Convention Card and fill it in by hand.
  3. Download the older ABF Convention Card Editor (Windows only)

Rex Livingston will answer any queries relating to the ABF Convention Card.  If you have a question click here to send him an email.

How to complete an ABF System Card

PDF File A Guide for New Players

ABF System Classification

Systems must be classified as either Green Blue, Red  or Yellow.

Green – Natural
Blue – Strong Club systems
Red – Artificial systems
Yellow – Highly unusual systems (HUM)

If using a brown sticker convention, you must also show that on your card.

To correctly colour code your system card, please refer to the PDF File ABF System Regulations

WBF System Cards

Visit the WBF Convention Card Editor site to download the WBF convention card. Additional information about the WBF Convention Card Editor can be found on the ECATS website at  www.ecatsbridge.com.