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ABF Convention Card PDF

The ABF Standard System Card is now available as a PDF Form.

The ABF Convention Card PDF Form is provided in a ZIP file with the latest version of its Usage Guide. See button below. Please take a few minutes to read the Usage Guide before filling in a card for the first time.

The ABF Convention Card Form works best with Adobe Reader XI (or later) which are available for recent versions of Macintosh and Windows operating systems (but not Vista). More details (including for linux users) are available in the Usage Guide.

The latest version of the Form is 2017 PDF form revision 17k21.
This was last updated on 2017-12-01.

Usage Guide

The Usage Guide is your friend. It assists with configuring your PDF Reader and provides tips on the usage of, and resolving problems with, the form.  The 2017 update adds a “Getting Started” section to the guide.

If you dislike some behaviour of the form, or detect any problem with the form:

  • First check the bookmark tree “HELP” in the form
  • Then check the latest version of the Usage Guide
  • If you then need further help, send an email (or use the Query form)


Converting from the windows based program to use the PDF form:

Please search for “Converting from the Program to the Form” in the Usage Guide for the form for some suggestions.

Get Adobe Reader


2020 Form Update

The new version of the form is available. Last update 2020-02-11
The Usage Guide is not yet available
To fetch the form, please begin by saving the form to your computer.

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