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Structure of the ABF

The diagram in the document below outlines the structure of the Australian Bridge Federation.

PDF File Structure of the Australian Bridge Federation Ltd (March 2024)
For a complete description of the ABF go to  the ABF Constitution page.

How to become a member of the ABF Ltd

The ABF is a company and technically the ‘members’ of the ABF Ltd are the 6 states and 2 territories of Australia.

As a player, you become a ‘member’ of the ABF by joining a club. ABF clubs are affiliated with their State or Territory Association.

The club will then join you as a member of the ABF Masterpoint Centre which is a wholly owned entity of the ABF Ltd.

As a member of the ABF Masterpoint Centre you are entitled to earn Masterpoints at any local, state or national bridge events which are sanctioned by the ABF and/or your local state or territory administration. You will also receive other benefits the ABF provides such as the ABF newsletter, access to our special travel insurance arrangements and access to teaching resources.

However despite the above technicality, most players consider themselves to be members of both their club and the ABF.

Foreign Players

Overseas players wishing to play in an Australian event should contact the organiser of the event who will liaise with ABF Masterpoint Centre to issue an ABF number as a member of a Foreign Players club,