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Committees, Coordinators and Organisers


Committee Chair Member Member Member Member
Management A.Stralow K.Frazer (Secretary) I.Thomson (Treasurer) A.Abdelhamid Rob Ward
Ethics G.Chettle S.Hinge J.Hoffman M.Bryan R. McConnell
  C. Page I. Thomson      
Finance I.Thomson R.Nixon G.Rusher Rob Ward  
Governance R.Nixon R.McConnell G.Chettle    
International Performance B.Travis C.Hughes M.Bookallil L.Milne P.Buchen
National Authority G.Chettle B.Travis H.Grosvenor S.Mullamphy L.Kelso#
National Director Acc J.Brockwell L.Kelso J.Free J.McIrath Pres ADBA
Player Liaison D.Morgan J.Rasmussen N.Griffiths NMO  
Regulations L.Kelso M.McManus W.Lazer    
Bidding Systems L.Kelso P.Reynolds N.Dutton NEC  
Technology Unit S.Fischer M.Guthrie P.Reynolds J.Grosvenor R.McConnell
Tournament P.Reynolds   M.Scudder L.Kelso B.Travis M.McManus
  W.Lazer L. Milne S. Fischer    
  # Observer        


BBO R.Ellaway/T.Chira
Gold Point D.Anderson
Library T.Bourke
National Event M.McManus/L.Kelso
Masterpoint Unit D.Anderson
PQP J.Scudder
Web A.Stralow

Tournament Organisers

ANC 2021 Robina McConnell
Summer Festival of Bridge J.Reynolds
GNOT R.Ellaway
Open Playoffs R.Nixon
Women’s and Senior Playoffs R.Nixon
Mixed Playoffs Vacant

11. The President shall (e) have the right to attend the meeting of any Committee of the Federation should he wish to do so.
Last updated May 7 2018

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