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Committees, Coordinators and Organisers


Committee Chair Member Member Member Member
Board A.Stralow K.Frazer (Secretary) I.Thomson (Treasurer) A.Abdelhamid Rob Ward
Ethics M.Bryan S.Hinge R. McConnell C.Page I.Thomson
Finance I.Thomson R.Nixon G.Rusher Rob Ward  
Governance R.McConnell R.Nixon C.Leach    
Technology/My ABF S.Fischer P.Reynolds J.Grosvenor R.McConnell R.Nixon
Tournament P.Reynolds   M.Scudder L.Kelso B.Travis M.McManus
  W.Lazer L. Milne S. Fischer    
Youth R.O’Reilly W.Lazer W.Jenner-O’Shea J.Reynolds J.Rhodes
  J.Williams P.Brake      
  # Observer        

Committees Terms of Reference

Tournament Committee – August 2021


BBO T.Chira
Gold Point D.Anderson
Library T.Bourke
National Event M.McManus/L.Kelso
Masterpoint Unit D.Anderson
PQP M.McManus
Web A.Stralow

Tournament Organisers

ANC 2022 Di Marler and Barbara Travis
Summer Festival of Bridge J.Reynolds
GNOT R.Ellaway
Playoffs R.Nixon

15. The President shall (e) have the right to attend the meeting of any committee of the ABF.