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Rules & Regulations

The 2017 Laws of Contract Bridge were approved by the WBF in March, 2017. Under Law 80A3, the ABF, may either delegate or assign its regulatory powers to another entity.
The ABF has approved a new assignment to States and Territories to come into effect on 1 August 2017 and extended for five years from that date.

In October 2022 the ABF Board approved a further assignment of its Regulating Authority powers to the States and Territories for another 5 years (backdating it to commence as of 1 August 2022).

Copies of the laws and information about them is available at the following locations:



Online Bridge

PDF File Modifications to Laws and Regulations for online bridge (January 30, 2023)

Anti-Doping Regulations

In January 2009 the WBF adopted a new set of Anti-Doping Rules under the revised (2009) World Anti-Doping Code (the “Code”). These rules are available on the WBF website at www.worldbridge.org/rules-regulations/anti-doping-regulations/.

As a result of a survey taken in Lille it has become apparent that some players may have been taking medications which actually are included in the WADA prohibited list. Further information from the WBF is provided in the document below.

PDF File WBF Anti doping information for NBOs (July 2013)
In line with its obligations under these rules the Australian Bridge Federation draws the attention of its international players to their obligations under these rules.

WBF Codes

A full list of WBF Regulations, Rules, Codes and Policies can be found at www.worldbridge.org/rules-regulations/

International Representative Players Charter

Any player or official who accepts a position in an international team is deemed to
be aware of the document below and have accepted and agreed to abide by its contents.

PDF File International Representative Players Charter Updated January, 2024

ABF / NZBridge

The 2007 Laws of Duplicate Bridge provide for the Regulating Authority (c.f. the ABF/NZ Bridge) to select certain Law options and to regulate their usage within its geographical region. Regulating Authorities are further permitted to provide regional interpretation and guidance as to the application of such options and regulations.

The document below contains a joint ABF / NZBridge interpretation of those Laws:

PDF File ABF/NZBridge Laws Interpretation, Regulation and Guidance
(June 1, 2011)

PDF File Determinations of ABF as Regulating Authority
(August 1, 2017 – updated October, 2017)


ABF Regulations


PDF File Tournament Regulations (February 1, 2021)
PDF File System Regulations (March 1, 2024)
PDF File Screen Regulations (August 1, 2018)
PDF File Alerting Regulations (August 1, 2017)
PDF File Written Bidding and Bidding Box Regulations (August 1, 2018)
PDF File Appeals Regulations (August 1, 2017)
PDF File PQP Policies (July 4, 2018)

PDF File Review Form

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