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As of 2020 the ABF will no longer utilise the services of player-based Appeals Committees. All requests from contestants wishing to seek a review of a Director’s ruling at a National event will now be handled by an individual specifically appointed for that purpose (i.e., ‘The Reviewer’).

WBF Code of Practice for Reviewers

Once attention has been drawn to an irregularity or an irregularity in the procedure as set forth in the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge occurs, then a ruling by the appointed Director must be made based on the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge. The bridge player, as stated in the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge, has the right to appeal said ruling.

Appeals at ABF Events

PDF File ABF Appeals Form

In order to promote the transparency of the appeals process, the ABF is aiming to publish reports of appeals at its events in both the event bulletin (where time permits) and on this website. Published reports will record the members of the committee and the Chief Tournament Director involved, but will not include player names.


To assist in reporting appeals, it is recommended that a scribe be appointed for the hearing of each appeal.  The scribe’s role is to record the arguments of each party to the appeal and the line of reasoning adopted by the committee in reaching its decision.

Where possible, records of appeals will be prepared from the appeals forms even where a scribe was not present.  Tournament officials who are in possession of original appeals forms should ensure that a copy is provided to the ABF Secretariat (secretariat@abf.com.au) and the National Appeals Coordinator (appeals@abf.com.au).


Feedback is welcome, and should be provided to the National Appeals Coordinator at appeals@abf.com.au.

Appeals reports

2014 Appeals PDF File

2013 Appeals PDF File

2009 Appeals PDF File

2008 Appeals PDF File

2007 Appeals PDF File

Table of 2007 Appeals
Table of 2007 appeals
Appeal # Event Issue
2007-01 National Women’s Teams Misinformation
2007-02 Last Train (Open) Unauthorised information
2007-03 South-West Pacific Teams Inadvertent call
2007-04 South-West Pacific Teams Unauthorised information
2007-05 Gold Coast Congress Pairs (Open) Unauthorised information
2007-06 Gold Coast Congress Pairs (Open) Misinformation
2007-07 Gold Coast Congress Swiss Pairs (Open) Unauthorised information
2007-08 Gold Coast Congress Swiss Pairs (Open) Unauthorised information
2007-09 Australian Playoffs (Women’s) Misinformation
2007-10 Barrier Reef Congress Swiss Teams Unauthorised information
2007-11 Australian National Championships Teams (Women’s) Misinformation
2007-12 Australian National Championships Butler Pairs (Open) Unauthorised information
2007-13 Australian Swiss Pairs Revoke
2007-14 Australian Swiss Pairs Unauthorised information

Examples of published appeals prior to 2007 may be found on the Australian Bridge Directors’ Association Website.


ABF Appeal Regulations PDF File

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