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Welcome new members

As you may be aware, the Masterpoints Centre currently issues all new members (who have provided an email address) with a link to the New Members' Information Kit.  This kit includes a welcome letter from the ABF President - click here to view.

Following a suggestion from the New South Wales Bridge Association the ABF Management Committee recently agreed to have the Masterpoints Centre issue, at the same time as the link to the Information Kit, a welcome letter from the member's State / Territory Association as well.  Essentially, this means that members could receive a welcome from their club, their State/Territory body and from the ABF President.

Therefore, if your State/Territory would like our Masterpoints Centre to include a welcome letter when they contact new members from your Region please forward your welcome letter to me by Friday 29 April.

ABF National Promotion - March

As advised to clubs via the February issue of the Marketing Update for Club Administrators, the ABF is placing a full page advertisement in the March and September issues of the Health Times Magazine

Please encourage your clubs to take full advantage of this campaign by alerting hospitals or allied health professionals in their community of the date and location of upcoming beginner classes.

The March issue will be distributed (on-line and in hard copy) on 29 March and the September issue on 26 September.

Please support sponsors!

If we are to attract and retain sponsors to our sport we must ensure that we achieve a win/win outcome for both our organisations.

If possible (and if not already in place) please display sponsor logos and hyperlinks on your websites so that club members are aware of the products and services available to them.  Sponsor information should include both National and State/ Territory relationships.

The ABF website lists National sponsors on the home page and under Membership Benefits. 

If you would like the logos or information about National sponsors (ie TBIB, Red Plum Automotive Brokering Service and TFE Hotels) please contact me at marketing@abf.com.au .


Marketing Seminars

The next marketing seminar will be held in NSW on 3 June.  The objective of the seminar is to assist club administrators to 'grow' their membership base.

If your State is interested in conducting a marketing seminar for club administrators in your Region please let me know.  A minimum number of around 12 attendees is required and they run for 3 hours.

I can be contacted at marketing@abf.com.au or on 0417 920 816.