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ABF Research

Research undertaken at the 2014 Summer Festival of Bridge confirms that poor table etiquette is still a major concern to members of ABF affiliated clubs around Australia.  

To assist in ensuring that people are aware of the expected behaviour when participating in our sport, the ABF has developed a series of posters in a 'Please be Considerate' campaign and these can be:

  • displayed at all competitions/ events;
  • published frequently in State Newsletters;
  • printed on score books (as at the 2014 SFOB); and
  • displayed in each club's playing area.

The posters are available on the ABF Website - look at items 10, 12, 13 and 14.  Each one is available in either A3 or A4 size.

Every ABF affiliated club has its own dynamics and every person is a unique individual - this makes managing behaviour a challenging hands-on task for administrators.

At a time when there is so much stress in daily life, a positive experience and good mental health certainly helps people to navigate through their day.

Help your clubs and event organisers to create a positive environment to encourage better behaviour.  Doing nothing will simply result in many people (particularly those who have just completed beginner classes) deciding that there are more pleasant ways to spend their time.

Federation membership benefits

Harnessing the power of our membership numbers

Many organisations are using rewards as an incentive to keep their customers coming back to use or purchase their 'product' and to attract newcomers.

The ABF provides members of your affiliated clubs with membership benefits for this same reason.  In an environment whereby there are many demands on people's time, it is important for organisations to provide their clients/customers/members with the best 'experience' possible and, if possible, to provide incentives as well.

Currently, members of your affiliated clubs can access benefits through:

  1. Tony Bemrose Insurance Brokers - advice and coverage for a range of business/ personal/ rural/ professional/ travel insurance etc.  Over 4,500 members have taken up their travel insurance offer and many (particularly the aged and those with existing medical conditions) have been grateful because it has enabled them to travel once again.  The majority of policy holders are simply happy with the savings they have made!
  2. Escapes Direct - heavily discounted, time-sensitive domestic and international travel deals at well below the normal cost.
  3. Get Wines Direct - an additional 7% off already discounted wine from Australia's largest on-line wine retailer.  The wine is delivered to a person's home or office and a personalised labelling service is also available.
  4. Toga Hospitality - discounted accommodation at hotels throughout Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe.

People have provided feedback to the effect that their saving from one stay at a Travelodge Hotel, using the Toga Hospitality codes on the ABF website, has paid for one year's membership at their ABF affiliated club.  This makes them very happy!

To attract and retain members we must have a wonderful 'product' whereby people are treated with dignity and respect (whilst having fun) and adding to that our membership benefits program should position any ABF affiliated club to be a smart choice for someone thinking of taking up our sport.

Take action

Promote membership benefits (National and Regional) to members of your affiliated clubs by having a section on your website and by mentioning them in your State Newsletter (if you have one).

Support those who support our sport!