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Grant funding

Grant funding is available from Government (Local/State/Federal), philanthropic foundations and through some corporate bodies.  

If you would like to develop the skills of someone in your Club or Region in regard to applying for grants, Philanthropy Australia is conducting  'Grant Seeker Workshops' at a cost of $245.  Click here for dates/locations of the workshops.

Alternatively, tips for writing an effective application can be viewed here .

Some current possibilities for grant funding you may wish to consider include:

  1. Community Benefits Fund - Northern Territory (opens 1 June and closes 31 July 2015)
  2. Youth Activities Grants - Western Australia  (available ongoingly - grants up to $5,000)
  3. Redland Foundation - Queensland (opened 17 March and closes 31 May 2015)
  4. ExxonMobil Contribution Program - Victoria (ongoing program)
  5. City of Sydney - Community program (opens 3 August and closes 7 September 2015)  - Perhaps conduct a one day Taste of Bridge festival?
  6. Department of Communities and Social Inclusion - South Australia (available ongoingly)
  7. Upper Yarra Community Sponsorship - Victoria (available ongoingly)
  8. Lottery West - Western Australia - (available ongoingly).  Grants provided for furniture and equipment specifically.

National picture - trending upwards

Nationally, membership of affiliated clubs increased during 2014 (figures taken in March of each year).

Best performing Regions were South Australia (9%) and Tasmania (5.06%).  Increases were also achieved in other Regions as follows:

  1. ACT - 3.36%
  2. NSW - 2.57%
  3. Queensland - 2.4%;  and
  4. Western Australia - 1.34%.

Negative growth occurred in Victoria (-0.26%) and the Northern Territory (-3.3%). 

National membership figures have been steadily increasing over recent years at the following rate:

2012:   2.6%

2013:   4%

2014:   2.08%.

Table numbers at major events for 2015 are also trending upwards.

  • Summer Festival of Bridge - 2014 (514) and 2015 (517)
  • Gold Coast Congress - 2014 (1146) and 2015 (1194)
  • Tasmanian Festival of Bridge - 2014 (107) and 2015 (129).

Want to 'grow' your Club?

To be successful in increasing its membership base, a Club needs to:

  1. provide a welcoming and friendly environment (where everyone can enjoy their bridge playing experience)
  2. adopt best practice in the teaching methodology and materials used for your beginner classes;  and
  3. have a plan for transitioning people from beginner classes to session bridge (eg supervised play sessions / times which suit people who work / mentors).

If you can focus on providing a friendly, well administered club you will find that your members will become bridge ambassadors and will 'sell' your Club for you.

ABF research reveals that approximately 64% of people who take up bridge do so on the recommendation of a family member, friend or work colleague whereas only 4% take up bridge in response to an advertisement.

For ABF marketing tips on how to 'grow' your club click here.

Recent promotional activity

The 2015 Gold Coast Congress attracted both radio and print media coverage earlier this year.  This coverage provided a powerful message to the broader community that bridge is a fun sport suitable for all ages.

To view the full article in the Gold Coast / Tweed Seniors Newspaper, or to listen to the radio interview with the youngest competitor at the congress, 12 year old Jack Luke-Paredi, click here

Congratulations to Theresa Tully and her fabulous team for this wonderful, FREE promotion for our sport!

Interested in Sponsorship?

If your Club is interested in obtaining sponsorship from local businesses then you need to consider some key factors for having a successful partnership.  

  1. There is no such thing as 'free' money - there needs to be a win/win situation for your Club and the sponsor.
  2. Make sure there are compatible values - but understand there needs to be a commercial benefit for your sponsor.
  3. Look for a good fit (something your members would find attractive in a product or service)
  4. It is a team effort - your whole Club needs to support your sponsor/s.
  5. It is not just about displaying their logo - you need to offer more than that!
  6. Have a written agreement in place.  Make sure both parties know what is expected.
  7. It is about relationship building - be in regular contact and do what you committed to do!

Before committing to any arrangement, make sure you undertake due diligence (deal with a reputable organisation).  Also, avoid entering sponsorship arrangements with 'like' organisations - ie where you may have two providing the same product or service!

When considering a sponsorship arrangement, a company will question 'what's in it for them'?  Positive outcomes could include:

  • enhancing their image with a target 'audience',
  • changing consumer attitudes towards their product or service,
  • drive sales with a target 'audience',
  • heighten their visibility, or
  • positive publicity.