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ABF National Promotion

Check out our national promotion in the current issue of Health Times Magazine (see page 6).

To capitalise on this - contact any hospitals or allied health professionals in your community and let them know when your next beginner class commences.

Remember to ensure that lessons are suitably timed for people who work!

This promotion will feature again in this magazine's September issue - this is distributed at the end of the month.

A Tale of Two Brothers!

Brothers Peter and Richard Giles organised the inaugural Ballarat Festival of Bridge - held in April.

Peter is President of the Canberra Bridge Centre and Richard is President of the Ballarat Bridge Club.

They organised a four day festival in Ballarat and 22 Canberra players travelled down to compete in the Rosebowl Competition.

Excellent coverage was generated in the local newspaper, The Courier.

Congratulations to Peter and Richard on a great initiative!

Pre-retirement 'market segment'

Planning for retirement can be an exciting time for people. 

Staying connected and active are important factors in their planning process. 

Often, pre-retirement seminars will focus on four key factors for people to consider for a successful transition.  These are:

  1. financial management
  2. expanding their hobbies
  3. making travel plans
  4. learning something new.

Learning to play bridge can tick all of these boxes, ie it :

  1. is an inexpensive sport
  2. is an enjoyable activity to fill in their time
  3. offers travel opportunities to competitions in other States and countries;  and
  4. provides an ongoing learning opportunity.

The pre-retirement 'market segment' is, in my opinion, a good focus for your marketing activities.

Recent Promotional activity

Click here to view a recent ABC News article about the Tasmanian Festival of Bridge.

This was good publicity for a great event on our calendar!

Congratulations to the TBA !

ABF Marketing

Reminder - an ABF marketing seminar for Sydney metropolitan club administrators is being held on Friday 3 June at the Lindfield Bowls Club.  The objective is to provide suggestions/ideas on how to 'grow' a bridge club.

This is a free, highly interactive session which runs for approximately 3 hours.  Free ABF promotional material will be available for those interested.

Registrations can be made with the NSWBA at office@nswba.cm.au .

A seminar for clubs in the Gold Coast area is in the planning phase at the moment.  More details to come.

Should you have any queries or suggestions please contact Sandra Mulcahy, the ABF National Marketing Officer, on 0417 920 816 or at marketing@abf.com.au .