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Proof - bridge is good for wellbeing

Research commissioned by the English Bridge Union (with Stirling University) allowed researchers to demonstrate, for the first time, that playing bridge has a statistically significant positive effect on wellbeing.

So, rather than anecdotal evidence we can now point to data generated through academic research to support the claim that bridge is good for a person's health!

Check out the research by clicking here.

Club support - Directors

Note:  the new Laws of Duplicate Bridge now apply. 

The Australian Bridge Directors Association had an excellent attendance (just under 100) at their annual workshop held on 5-6 August.  Attendees came from near and far (including Perth, Alice Springs, Darwin, Cairns and Victoria).  Copies of presentations can be found by clicking here.

The Directors forum at Coffs Harbour Gold Congress saw about 80 interested participants keen to hear all about Law 23 - Comparable Calls.  Anyone interested in the PowerPoint presentation can email John McIlrath, the ABF National Director Development Officer, at nddo@abf.com.au for a copy.

Sit-out table - a thing of the past?

Whose members like sit-out tables - particularly when you have a 4 or 5 board roundMost people hate them!

Sit-outs at one American bridge club are now a thing of the past.

The club sets up the hands in BBO so that players can play that table against robots!

For instructions on how the club achieves this click here.

Remember - happy members make great bridge ambassadors.

ABF Marketing

After 5 years in the National Marketing Officer's position I have decided it is time to retire and give someone else an opportunity to take on the role.

During my tenure I have met some wonderful people and made lifelong friends. 

The position will be advertised in the next ABF National Newsletter and on the ABF website from 1 September so if you are interested, check it out!

I will finish up at the end of September.

Club Support - Teachers

Teacher Training Program Workshops (15 points)

  • Canberra Bridge Club, Saturday 19 August
  • QCBC, Saturday November 18

Continuing Professional Development Workshops (10 points)

Topic:   Modern Competitive Bidding

  • Toronto, NSW - Sunday 10 September

Topic:   All About Defence

  • Canberra Bridge Club, Sunday 20 August
  • Surfers Paradise Bridge Club, Wednesday 30 August

Topic:  Two Over One Game Force

  • VBA, Saturday 23 September
  • Surfers Paradise Bridge Club, Wednesday 4 October
  • QCBC, Sunday 19 November

Topic:   Declarer Play

  • VBA, Sunday 24 September

To register click here.

Tips from our sponsor - Red Plum Automotive Brokering Service

When buying a new car it is important to ensure it is exactly what you are after.  Whilst it seems an unnecessary step if you have been driving for many years, it is important to test drive before you buy a new car.

Red Plum suggest:

  1. Allow at least 1 hour per vehicle.  Try different situations (highway, bumpy road, stop start traffic and parking).
  2. Look for easy adjustment for height and legroom and lumbar support in the seats.  A longer test drive will allow you to work out if it is comfortable or not.
  3. Do not engage too much with the salesperson as this takes your attention away from the feel and drive of the car.  Test the radio and sound system at the end but leave it off whilst driving.  This allows you to hear any rattles or noises that may be annoying at best but potentially may cause problems later on.
  4. Check if there are any blind spots. 
  5. Without breaking any traffic rules or your driving skills take a few corners at a speed you are comfortable with to ensure you feel the car held the road and you felt in control.  Check the responsiveness of the acceleration by putting your foot down. 
  6. Check the turning circle - no-one wants to do a 10 point turn just to turn around in a suburban street.
  7. Finally, ask yourself how you felt.  Comfortable, safe, in control but with some power if you felt the need!

Red Plum believes buying a car should be one of life's pleasures and that is why taking a test drive is important.  You need to not only find a car in your budget but one that you enjoy driving every day.

Once you know what you want, get in touch with the gang at Red Plum Automotive Brokering Service so that you get the best possible price for your purchase.

Contact details:


Ph:     07 3252 8863

Recent promotional activity

Congratulations to Elainne Leach, the organiser of the 2017 Australian National Championship, and her team for successfully obtaining free promotion of our sport.  The event was held in Canberra from 15-27 July.

Coverage of the event included:

ABC Radio

  1. a small Diary spot on Saturday 15 July - breakfast 6.45 am (Pam Crichton)
  2. Sunday 16 July Brunch show at 10.15 am, around 15 minutes (Roy Nixon and Francesca McGrath)
  3. Friday 21 July Drive Show - 10 minutes with Kim Huynh (Brett Yeats and Pam Crichton).


  • Friday 14 July - 8.00 am (Brett Yeats)

City News

  • After interview with Brett Yeats - item on 13-19 July

Canberra Times

  • Len Dixon's bridge column twice, once in June.

Well done to Elainne and her team!