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Explosion in table numbers!

The 2015 Super-Novice (0-20 masterpoints) pairs event at the Summer Festival of Bridge attracted 17 tables. The super-novice teams event attracted 15 tables.

Early data for the Gold Coast Congress (21-28 February) shows around 20 tables each for two rookie (0-10 masterpoints) competitions scheduled during the event.

It is wonderful to see so many newer players competing in these events.

This focus on our newer players was introduced in each of these events in 2013 and both are showing significant growth in numbers. These players represent our competitors in more advanced fields in the future so we should all make sure they feel welcome and encouraged. 

As a matter of interest, people with 0-10 masterpoints represent approximately 34% of total membership of affiliated clubs and those with 0-20 masterpoints approximately 43% of total membership (as at June 2014).

Masterpoint ranges as a percentage of total membership are effectively:

  • 0-100 masterpoints - 71%
  • 100-300 masterpoints - 16%
  • 300+ masterpoints - 13%.

Each club should have a good idea of their masterpoints profile so that educational activities can be pitched at the right level and so that members can be encouraged to participate in events most suited to their 'level'.

Exclusive offer for ABF members

Our national sponsor, Escapes Direct, is offering members an additional $200 pp off any package tour or cruise to Europe - including Fly Free and No Single Supplement offers with Scenic Tours and APT.

Simply email support@escapesdirect.com with travel plans!

International Women's Day - 8 March 2015

International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.

The theme for 2015 is "Make it happen".

Your club may wish to acknowledge this day with a lunch or some special event for your members?

2015 Membership Renewals

A reminder to check with people not re-joining your club to find out why? 

  • If they no longer have a partner - help them find one with similar aspirations about their bridge playing.
  • If they have a transport problem - can another club member assist?
  • Perhaps they could be enticed back with a couple of free vouchers?
  • If they have been subjected to what they consider inappropriate behaviour - tell them the Club is addressing the issue (and do so).

Newer players may appreciate an offer of a mentor to assist them in bridge sessions for a short time - so as to build their confidence.  Alternatively, does the club need to consider introducing a more stratified field for players (this will depend on numbers)?

Essentially, from a marketing perspective, you need to understand the needs and wants of your members.  

ABF App launched!

This mobile app is a software program your members can download and access directly using their phone or another mobile device (eg a tablet).

They simply need a smartphone or another mobile device with internet access.

The ABF App was launched at the 2015 Summer Festival of Bridge.  

Please let your members know that they can download it for free.  It will provide them with quick access to:

  • masterpoints
  • the ABF Calendar
  • ABF Facebook
  • results
  • events and
  • the ABF website.

Addressing unacceptable behaviour

Unacceptable behaviour continues to be an issue confronting our sport.  

Our goal is to ensure that everyone is able to have a pleasant experience each time they play bridge.

Recent ABF initiatives to address this problem include:

  1. at the 2015 Summer Festival of Bridge directors and congress organisers were invited to a presentation by Melanie Fischer, former CEO of Food Standards Australia and New Zealand.  The topic was "Guidance on dealing with difficult and disruptive players".  A copy of Melanie's presentation has been placed on the ABDA segment of the ABF website and can be accessed here.
  2. the ABF website contains draft guidelines for clubs on dealing with unacceptable behaviour and a draft players Code of Conduct.

Help stamp out unacceptable behaviour!

ABF Teacher Training Programs under way for 2015

The ABF's National Teaching Coordinator, Joan Butts, will again be conducting Teacher Training Programs (TTPs) during 2015. These are provided FREE of charge for interested teachers.

The first for 2015 was held in Bowral on 7-8 February and feedback from some of the participants  has been captured on video - view here.  

Upcoming TTPs are scheduled for Adelaide (14-15 March), Victoria (March) and Perth (July).  Check with your State Association for details.

Attendance at a TTP is a pre-requisite for a teacher to start on the ABF Teacher Accreditation Program.  Details of the program can be accessed here.  

The ABF Teacher Accreditation Program was launched at the 2014 Summer Festival of Bridge and at this year's festival our first batch of teachers attained their accreditation.  Congratulations go to:

  • Cath Whiddon, Peninsula Bridge Club, NSW
  • Stuart Packington, Randwick Bridge Club, NSW
  • Trish Thatcher, Port Stephen Bridge Club, NSW
  • Sandra Mulcahy, Beenleigh-Logan Bridge Club and Toowong Bridge Club, Queensland.

National Promotion - Rotary down under magazine

February's issue of Rotary's Australian magazine featured a full page promotion of bridge.  Please let me know if you received any calls about beginner classes as a result of this so that its effectiveness can be determined.  

Email me at marketing@abf.com.au .