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Beginner lessons starting soon?

NSW's Peninsula Bridge Club recently placed this advertisement in their local newspaper. 

The 'hooks' used in the advertisement are consistent with ABF research which shows that the three main reasons people play bridge are to:

  1. challenge themself (mental activity)
  2. meet new friends;  and
  3. have FUN.

The ABF provides templates to assist clubs with their advertising.  To check out what is available (to either use or just to give you some ideas) click here and look at item 9.  You will need to save the advertisements in your documents file and view in print layout or print.

Also available (see items 6, 7, 16 or 17) are promotional posters which can be placed in community centres, doctor surgeries or on notice boards etc.  Just attach beginner lesson dates and contact details for your specific club.

Marketing Workshops

Two Marketing workshops have been scheduled so far for 2017. 

If you would like to attend either one please inform the contact person for the relevant session. 

1.  Nambucca Valley Bridge Club - 1.30pm Tuesday 24 January

Registrations should be made with Richard Levy at richard_levy@hotmail.com .

2.  Canberra Bridge Club - 9.30am Friday 3 February

Registrations should be made with Perelle Scales at perelle@grapevine.com.au .

Club administrators interested in sponsoring a marketing workshop in their area should contact me at marketing@abf.com.au

The workshops run for approximately 3 hours and free promotional material is provided.

ABF Summer School

This initiative commenced in November (for novice players and bridge teachers) and ran for 10 weeks. 

Each lesson (on bidding, play and defence) consisted of notes, a video, online practice hands with hints, links to more advanced articles and a voluntary exam.

The final numbers who participated stand at 106 teachers and 1272 novices!

Joan Butts has made the following (early) observations:

  1. valuing length - lots of newer players don't add for this
  2. pre-emptive jumps - many are far too cautious in their bidding;  and
  3. play and techniques - appears some teachers may be pushing too much bidding onto newer players and neglecting play and defence.

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